We put together “ready for sale” shipping units that are geared to meet our customers’ individual needs. D.B.L. Logistik prepares displays and merchandise lots as needed which provides easier handling and practical presentation of your goods.

If you don’t have an automated solution, we’ll take care of it. Our experienced teams do manual packing, allowing flexibility to react immediately to any challenge.



If desired, we can repack your products or neutralize packaging by double-boxing. We offer efficient copacking for non-food products. We assemble new assortments or product combinations in accordance with your company’s requirements.

Depending on the product, we use high quality packaging materials and box, seal, fold, wrap, bundle or blister, as needed.


We can provide you with flexible and well-structured warehousing solutions to keep your goods available at a moment’s notice.

You will be free to react immediately to each individual order and changes in the market, providing your customers with better deliverability and shortened shipping times.


Individualized Solutions

Our possibilities expand with your needs and desires.

We support you in finding the best packaging solution and container concepts to fit your needs.



  • Copacking
  • Preparation
  • Warehousing
  • Individualized Solutions