Individual Consulting

Having the best organized logistics possible is essential to your company’s success, whether in procurement, production or sales. Good logistics are key to your competitiveness.

We will help you improve your logistic processes down to the last detail. D.B.L. Logistik GmbH accompanies your production, warehousing, order processing and disposition. Using proven concepts and innovative ideas, we develop individual strategies and solutions for each of your business processes, without hindering your business’s operating processes.


Logistic Strategy

Our consultants give advice on worthwhile strategies for transportation management, material management and packaging concepts, making your company logistically more effective. We ensure your logistic process needs are met quickly and reliably.

Cost Minimizing

We use our experience in the field of logistics to analyze the full range of your value creation, thus offering you perfectly coordinated processes.

We put great stock in transparency and work with you to create solution concepts to
reduce costs in a sustainable and effective manner.


Increasingly complex supply chains, more specialized labor division or rising prices of raw materials often force companies to pay more attention to logistics than their actual core strengths.

We help you turn your focus back to the important aspects of creating value and develop outsourcing concepts with you that account for all criteria relevant to your company’s success.


  • Transportation Management
  • Material Management
  • Packaging Concepts
  • Cost Minimizing
  • Outsourcing